Friday, August 04, 2006

Microsoft Downloads

So today I was following a couple of mini-tutorials for the Workflow Foundation by Sahil Malik, which required that I had .NET 3.0 (hmm), and the Visual Studio 2005 Extensions for WF installed.

Obviously, I had .NET 3.0 installed, because even though it's pre-release, it contains the RTM of .NET Framework 2.0; so I didn't see any reason not to install it at the time.

I went onto to find the VS Extensions and did a search for 'Visual Studio Extensions for Workflow'. This gives quite a few results, the top ten or so looking like what I'm after, so I went to the top link.

The file there was 'Visual Studio 2005 Extensions for WIndows Workflow Foundation Beta2_2(EN).exe', which is what I was after. I downloaded that (~67Mb) and ran through Sahil's examples easily. I have since found out, however, that the latest release available is RC4.

This just leads me to wonder whether - for a company that produced many, many iterations of each product before they release it - there should be some sort of visual cue to indicate that this is not the latest iteration. The sort of thing that we get in technical docs would be fine - 'This method is deprecated, use blah blah blah instead'.

It just seems like something that would be of benefit.


  • I ABSOLUTELY Agree with you.

    But I think there are even more problems than "Latest". Say, in order to use product X, you'd better have build #Y of product Z installed.

    It's very confusing :)

    By Blogger Sahil Malik [MVP C#], at 1:24 am, August 05, 2006  

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