Friday, February 10, 2006

Adobe reader is not the only fruit...

Ok, so as a bit of a follow-up to the previous post about Fox-It PDF Reader, I figured that I would post this.

Today, I got a popup saying that Adobe Manager needed my attention, and it wanted to install an updated version of Adobe Reader (7.0.7). I figured that I would let it go along on it's merry way, as the files had already been downloaded anyway.

What I didn't say yes to, however, is the setting of my file associations back to Reader as default for PDF. This is sort of thing that should be asked, rather than just assuming that because Adobe Reader used to be the defacto for PDF files this was still the case.

The fact that the installer did this has taken away from the fact that on first looks (very brief at that), this version opens PDF documents as fast as Fox-It. Of course, this is only an initial impression, I am quite expecting that after the required reboot, the old behemoth will resurface.

Get the latest version here if you like.


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